A former boss once told me that the best way to find an error in a project was to publish it, and the errors would become immediately obvious.

I was reminded of that today, when someone pointed out that “Facing The Wall” contains one factual error that, despite my best efforts, slipped through. It will be corrected in future DVDs, but for now, many copies are in circulation that include the error, and I want to correct it here.

In the “Come Glide With Me” section, the script includes the line: “The first U.S. Soaring meet was held in 1930 in Elmira, and by 1939, two brothers named Paul and Ernie Schweizer were building world-class gliders—and eventually helicopters for hobbyists and the military—in Elmira, NY.”

That line is incorrect, in that it omits the third brother, William (Bill) Schweizer. The brothers started building gliders in 1930, formed the Schweizer Metal Aircraft company in 1937, and relocated to Elmira in 1939 where they incorporated as Schweizer Aircraft.  Their first commercial glider, an SGU 1-7 sold to Harvard University, is now located at the  National Soaring Museum in Elmira, New York where it is on public display.

My apologies to all who were affected by this error, particularly the Schweizer family. Rest assured that the DVD will be updated with the correct information at the earliest possible opportunity.

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